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Games and rewards

I know it’s daft but I’ve been playing match3 games for over 10 years now. Right from my very first (Jewel Quest)

So when I get out on the leaderboards I know how silly it is but I just want to dance around the room!

These games are full of positive reinforcement which should  not convince a cynic such as myself. But I do seem to enjoy it. The whoops. The cheers. The “Well Done”!

If ever you need applause just download one of these games!


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Guilty Pleasures

We all have them. Guilty pleasures and secret indulgences. Sometimes though they just get to be  a habit. I have some online games I think I am addicted to (match three games) and I have found myself wishing that I had run out of lives! (You can’t stop playing until you have run out of lives, you just can’t!)

So now I think I need to change my ways, choose new things to spend time doing. And that is so hard, don’t you find? You can spend literally hours thinking about something, registering with a game or a site, trying out the demo models, wondering if the game is just too hard or too easy, will you get a decent return for your time investment?

Or will it always be just not quite winnable enough. I like not to win all the time but I do like to win sometimes! I do think a few games I have tried have been written by schoolboys in their bedrooms in an attempt to show other schoolboys how clever they are (“What? You couldn’t get  past level 4456? You must be really thick!”)

I am also not such a fan of massively strategic games. I think that even clever alga-rhythms are really just a set of do this go there flow charts. I remember doing The Hobbit on a Commodore 64 and realising that playing the game was not how to win it. Getting to think like the game’s author was the way to win it. Unless you made the chosen decisions that the games writer made you get nowhere. Granted, they are all much more sophisticated now, but still. those cheat sites you can get to help you through some games (The Mister had one he used to get through Tomb Raider) are really a way of getting you through the writer’s flow chart. If you don’t do the things in the right order you just cannot win.

So I look for games that involve a bit of skill, a bit of chance and a bit of making-me-feel-good when I win. Have you played that Bejewelled game? With the sound on it is like you have your bestest cheerleader in the room with you! I do like also the sounds made by Cookie Jam Blast. The little characters give whoops of delight.

I like card games played for fun and for the bit of chat that goes with them (not all of it, some of them need to find another room!) but I need to find a set of games that don’t burden your laptop with cookies, popups and in-your-face adverts for gaming sites.

So I welcome help finding out about things before I go to the bother of registering, which is why review sites are a blessing. I quite fancy trying Bingo, but as it is the most popular game in England I need help. I found a review of these bingo sites, so I will have a look here.

So. Join me?


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This Must Be The Place (Maggie O’Farrell)

This was our Book Group choice this week, a really easy read (9 hours at my pace so should have seemed more work than it did). Maggie O’Farrel is a lovely author, taking the reader through situations, relationships and consequences in a chaotic, just-about-making-sense way that I find utterly engaging. the main character, Daniel, is definitely flawed. Mostly we like him, sometimes not. The leading Lady, Claudette, is engaging but completely mad. We see them together at the beginning and find out their back stories in the chapters that follow. O’Farrel doesn’t pull punches and allows the minuscule to appear mountainous while making the tragic everyday.  Every relationship is different and every decision has consequences. In Group we were asking if he really would just disappear because of “that” and not tell his wife, allowing her to think something awful. But actually people do, don’t they? Make imperfect decisions. Imperfect choices.

Mostly characters, even minor ones, are well described. some notable exceptions (like the first wife, his sisters) but then, it was a 9 hour book!


I’ve read another of hers and now want the whole list. Give yourself a treat and try her out.



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Lady Bird

It is Mothers Day today and my daughter took me to see this lovely film. I made it almost to the end before bursting into tears.  It’s a lovely take about a girl growing up with a mum who did not have the best upbringing herself and who finds it hard to show her love.