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Aurore / I got life (film)

  • I went to see this at the Ipswich Film Theatre tonight and was utterly charmed. This is how you do older women!

I prefer the French title, Aurore, but then I would as it means Dawn! It is in French with English subtitles which did not detract at all from the experience (as long as you are  or sitting behind someone with a huge head).

The central character is a mum separated from her husband (happily) who gives up her waitressing job when her new boss wants her to have a new sexier name (Samantha)  and to work the bar because she is older.

Early on she finds out her daughter is pregnant. Her other daughter loves a a rather unsuitable type who goes to Spain to be a DJ. Her best mate is thinking about botox and has a wicked sense of humour.

We are introduced to a commune of older women pooling their pensions to increase purchasing power and evade loneliness.  Now they are funny.

The whole cinema had Laugh out Loud moments, affectionate and empathetic. The menopause is almost a separate character in the film.

I loved it and left smiling. Do yourself a favour and enjoy it.

Friendship, Interests, Leisure

Book Group

I joined a book group about six years ago. There are about a dozen women in it at any one time, and we each host every month (except august, when the group go to the Theatre in the Forest to wach the Red Rose Chain do some Shakespeare, and December, our Xmas meal.


We have tried various ways to choose a book:

Each host chooses their own

All picked from one Mann Booker list

Pick a genre out of a hat and choose from that

All picked from shortlisted prizewinners of literary prizes

All picked from a selection of lists, winners only


Generally we found it just better to let our Book Club Leader (a very organised lady called Sarah) make up a huge list from a mixture of the above and we pick from a hat – throwing back immediately any that we veto.

Whoever is hosting provides nibbles (cold cuts, cheese, breads etc) and drinks, and we spend about an hour discussing the book, led by questions from our host. We are not exclusively female, just no man has yet asked to join.

It is a great group, meeting every month and always open to having authors visit us (Ruth dugdall has already done so)

We were even featured in our local press:

Link to East Anglia Daily Times


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