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Badingham White Horse

We decided to go to the Badingham White Horse for lunch and guess what held us up? Yes – not one but 2 White horses!

We got past

and went on the have a truly delicious meal.

Check out the place HERE

The Mister wanted a proper Sunday roast, and he certainly cannot claim hunger after the several plates of food that came out for him. A massive dinner plate just with meat (several slices of tender, beautifully roasted  beef) a Yorkshire the size of his head and crispy roast potates. Then a dish of cauliflower cheese. Then a dish of green veg. Then a dish of florets. There was another one which escapes me. My appetite was not strong so I had the cold fish platter, billed as smoked salmon, peppered mackerel, prawns and salad. Instead of the mackerel they gave me crab that still smelled of Cromer and instead of prawns it was lobster.  Brown bread and butter was all that was needed, as well as the nicely cut lemon. No pictures of food, I am afraid as I was too busy chomping.

Nice interior though

They serve craft beers in barrels behind the bar, which we loved. We took our final drinks outside and found their garden is now a wood fired pizza kitchen!

It had lots of sunny tables, nicely presented and pleasantly occupied. Great fun people watching.

3 hours very well spent.

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