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I am Dawn, a fifty-plus ex-civil servant looking to enjoy every choice I make. I have started this blog to share choices I make and to tell you how much I enjoyed (or learned from!) those choices.  I decided quite some time ago not to make bad choices – no point is there? If something is not as good as I hoped it would be then at least I can learn from it.

So far some of the choices I have made have been about:

Books – I am in a book group and this has opened me up to lots of new authors, new ideas and some pretty cool discussions. So much so that I have actually started writing and will be published soon. Books are brilliant, and I will share with you some good choices to make.

Theatre – I am involved in local amdram and we do at least one, usually two productions a year. I love going to the theatre – from west end shows to local village hall events. I also love NT Live performances, and go to as many as I can make.

Cooking – I try and bake a bit (some pretty chaotic disasters!)

Eating out – a favourite, definitely.

Clothes and beauty – Making these choices can be super difficult, and as an older woman I need to be careful.

Being a mature woman in today’s world is all about making choices – lets hope the ones I make are those that make me happy.



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