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Online Casinos – When the fun stops, STOP.

We all have them. Guilty pleasures and secret indulgences. Sometimes though they just get to beĀ  a habit. I have some online games I think I am addicted to (match three games) and I have found myself wishing that I had run out of lives! (You can’t stop playing until you have run out of lives, you just can’t!)

So now I think I need to change my ways, choose new things to spend time doing. And that is so hard, don’t you find? You can spend literally hours thinking about something, registering with a game or a site, trying out the demo models, wondering if the game is just too hard or too easy, will you get a decent return for your time investment? I have decided to try some online gambling sites, although I am being very strict with myself about how much I spend (lose!)

I do like to win sometimes!

So I look for games that involve a bit of skill, a bit of chance and a bit of making-me-feel-good when I win. Have you played that Bejewelled game? With the sound on it is like you have your bestest cheerleader in the room with you! I do like also the sounds made by Cookie Jam Blast. The little characters give whoops of delight.



I like card games played for fun and for the bit of chat that goes with them (not all of it, some of them need to find another room!) but I need to find a set of games that don’t burden your laptop with cookies, popups and in-your-face adverts for gaming sites. I went to Vegas some years ago and enjoyed my little flutters.

So I welcome help finding out about things before I go to the bother of registering, which is why review sites are a blessing. I quite fancy trying Casino games, but I need help. I found a review of these casino sites, so I will have a look at some of the top UK-based online casinos

So. Join me?


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