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Suffolk craft beer

Can I please give a huge shout out for this beautiful craft porter from a tiny brewery in Suffolk?

Not a session beer. One or two does it. A lovely soft beer with plum topnotes and a deep orchard finish.

If you love a beer lover, show them some love.


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  1. Hi Claire, I was just reading your article again as I thought I had missed something because I have been reading the book by Sarah Bryson La Reine Blanche Mary Tudor A Life In Letters and she placed the first marriage based on Suffolks letters back to Wolsey as between 31st January and 3rd February, so I was wondering if the date was mixed up, but I see from the article it is quite a puzzlement. Well, it was pretty secret, although in her book she also says they got married before ten witnesses, in the Chapel at Cluny and the King of France soon had wind so it wasn”t so secret. Certainly nobody could deny it. There was a second marriage on 31st March but well before that Suffolk had written home and come clean and Henry also knew, so they were well and truly up the creek without a paddle. I can see from the article there is a lot of confusion so any date between 3rd February and the middle of March will do. For some reason I thought it was 11th March, but it must have been earlier as his letter on 5th seems pretty conclusive. Cheers.

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