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This Must Be The Place (Maggie O’Farrell)

This was our Book Group choice this week, a really easy read (9 hours at my pace so should have seemed more work than it did). Maggie O’Farrel is a lovely author, taking the reader through situations, relationships and consequences in a chaotic, just-about-making-sense way that I find utterly engaging. the main character, Daniel, is definitely flawed. Mostly we like him, sometimes not. The leading Lady, Claudette, is engaging but completely mad. We see them together at the beginning and find out their back stories in the chapters that follow. O’Farrel doesn’t pull punches and allows the minuscule to appear mountainous while making the tragic everyday.  Every relationship is different and every decision has consequences. In Group we were asking if he really would just disappear because of “that” and not tell his wife, allowing her to think something awful. But actually people do, don’t they? Make imperfect decisions. Imperfect choices.

Mostly characters, even minor ones, are well described. some notable exceptions (like the first wife, his sisters) but then, it was a 9 hour book!


I’ve read another of hers and now want the whole list. Give yourself a treat and try her out.



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