Chose a weekend away

One thing I really love to do is to have a couple of days away in European cities with the people I love most – The Mister, The Child or a mate. You can get really good deals in winter (January tourism! Yey! Not too hot, no crowds, no queues, staff are happy to see you and its is all a bit relaxed.)

Hubs’ birthday is in January so we have been away a lot. We went to Seville a couple of years ago – and in January the Oranges are out. I thought they looked amazing, just falling off the trees


but when I tried one it was sooooooo bitter! The only thing they are good for is marmalade, and luckily Seville Oranges are perfect for marmalade. It was beautiful at night too

We had the most lovely time. Palaces were gorgeous (and this one was used in a Star Wars film)


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