Spending time with family

Something I have done in the past, and will do again, is to go away with my daughter for a long weekend somewhere in Europe. She is amazing at finding really good deals on flights and hotels. She loves a bit of luxury so we never go less that four stars, but she loves saving money so we only ever pay two star prices.

She has also inherited, from her dad, a love of being organised, so that all I have to do is turn up. She has tickets, itinerary, directions, instructions on how to use the local public transport systems and a few phrases. Nothing could be easier.

Also inherited from her dad is the ability to get up at first light to make the most of the day. I might chunter a bit about an early start, but it does mean we get to see things without half the tourist population in the way. So we saw the Little Mermaid statue at about half seven on a Sunday morning, but it was delightful to have her all to ourselves.

It is lovely spending time with her as a grown up, with her in charge.

Mother-daughter time is always precious, but these weekends are something else.

Where have you gone with your grown up kids?

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